Australia to open borders to international students, visa holders on Wednesday

13 Dec 2021

Australia is set to reopen its international border to eligible visa holders, international students and visitors from Japan and South Korea on Wednesday.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison affirmed the news during a press conference on Monday with South Korea President, Moon Jae-in.

“The borders will be reopened both to Korea and to Japan and for skilled migration and for students as we conclude the pause that we announced several weeks ago,” he said.

“This is made possible because Korea and Australia have both shared a COVID-19 experience.”

The federal government had delayed the international border reopening from 1 December to the 15th in order to obtain further information about the Omicron variant, reports Sky News Australia.

The PM said the high vaccination rates in Australia and South Korea are “enabling our economies to open up” and allow the travel bubble between the two countries to proceed.

“We see that today here in Australia as the borders come tumbling down there - between Queensland and the rest of the country - and Australians are being reunited because of their effort to get vaccinated,” Morrison added.

“This is encouraging, but I know the more than 123,000 Australians of Korean ancestry will be looking forward to seeing their friends, their family and them being able to join together.

“And has been made possible because of the outstanding achievements in Korea in managing COVID and I congratulate the President on their achievements.”

Previously, Health Minister Greg Hunt said Australia is “on track” to welcome skilled migrants and international students back to the country this week.

“That’s been reconfirmed over the weekend,” he said on Monday.

“We said on the 29th of November that we were intending to reopen on the 15th of December, that has been through the National Cabinet process.

“Victoria has taken steps yesterday and so that reopening is scheduled,” he said.