Why retire in Australia?

06 May 2019

coupleAustralia boasts a number of perks that attract retirees – from the temperate climates and lack of pollution to the high quality of life. That’s not all, however – we’re listing some of the main reasons as to why you would want to consider picking the land down under as your retirement destination:

-    Cost of living
Costs vary according to city, as is typical – with Sydney topping the list. However, you’ll find that Australia is generally an affordable country to reside in when compared with the high living standards, with cities like Adelaide and Brisbane boasting some of the most reasonable costs.

-    Health
Australia’s healthcare is renown for its high quality, and life expectancy is also high. However, it is worth noting that non-residential retirees are not entitled to government and medical benefits and an insurance policy will be required. Health insurance costs range according to where you live, your health and what you want covered.
Keeping to a fit lifestyle will not be a struggle in Australia, either. The weather makes for great outdoor exercise; including walking, cycling or swimming.

-    Safety
Australia’s overall safety is a reassuring factor for most retirees. Crime rate is low, and the country has also ranked among the best for political stability, which is something that could inevitably make or break your stay in a country.

-    Infrastructure
One of Australia’s key perks is its advanced infrastructure and the high standard of public services. Public transport in the cities is efficient – rail, bus and ferry are all available by means of an easily topped up Opal card. Additionally, prices are less than what you would find in other key cities worldwide.

-    A number of options
There is no denying that Australia provides lots to see and do, and choosing your area of residence can be challenging due to the many good options. Of course, moving to any country requires finding the right area tailored to your needs. With Sydney topping the Economist Intelligence Unit’s score list for healthcare, education and infrastructure, it’s no surprise that the contemporary city would rank as the seventh most liveable worldwide. The spectacular beaches and weather to accompany them, along with the exciting lifestyle, make it a prime destination for expats. Melbourne’s booming arts and culinary scene also make it an attractive choice, however, the cost of living is generally more appealing in cities like Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. It all depends on what your key needs and interests are!

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